HUAWEI 4G B315 Router

HUAWEI 4G B315 Router

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The HUAWEI B315 4G Router is capable of dishing out blazing fast LTE CAT4 connections as fast as 150Mbps. These speeds are sufficient for conducting seamless video streaming, downloading, online gaming, and other such bandwidth intensive activities. It features a Gigabit Ethernet port that facilitates this high speed wired Internet connectivity. These speeds span out far and wide, all through your home with the HUAWEI B315’s improved WiFi coverage. This network extends further, to give you a blanket coverage that effectively eliminates dead spots. You get wireless access for up to thirty two devices. It has a compact size that measures 186 x 139 x 46mm makes it easily portable. You can create a wireless hotspot, using prepaid 4G SIM cards, on the go 



  1. 275 g
  2. 802.11b/g/n
  3. 150Mbps
HUAWEI 4G Router


You can count on the HUAWEI B315 4G Router to get a fast Internet connection when you need it. This router gives you an LTE CAT4 connection with speeds of 150Mbps via its Gigabit Ethernet port.

HUAWEI 4G Router


The router not only gives you amazing speeds that let you conduct various Internet related activities smoothly, but also makes sure this network follows you to every creek and corner of your home. The WiFi coverage extends its reach, covering every dead zone in your home. You can share your WiFi network with up to thirty two devices simultaneously, and achieve incredible performance on all.

HUAWEI 4G Router


Irrespective of its appropriate dimensions of 186 x 139 x 46mm and low weight of 275g, this router gives you more reasons to take it out. It offers the ability to connect using prepaid 4G SIM cards, which means you can create your own wireless hotspot while on the move.