Return Policy

Are there any cases where I will be unable to return my purchases?

There are some cases you definitely will be unable to return which are:

  • Submitting a return request after 15 days of the purchase date.
  • In case of misuse the product, damaging it or to be changed from the original status it was sold in.
  • Removing the Warranty sticker from it.
  • Consumer products cannot be returned to the original status such as Antivirus, CD, DVD, and so on.
  • Products that were removed its serials numbers, or code numbers.
  • Products without the original packing or missing one or more of accessories.
  • Fragile Products.


How I get my refund?

Look up to the Refund policy


I changed my mind and I don’t want this product any more. What to do then?

You can, of course, return the product back if you don’t want it any more within the 15 days period starting the date of purchase because we understand it is your right to do so.

All you have to do then, is just to call us to cancel it.


When I decide to return my product, who will pay for the shipment?

When you decide to return a product, AITCOM will not charge you anything for shipment within the first 7 calendar days starting the purchase date, after 7 days to 15 days you will be charged the shipment fees.


Can I arrange a meeting with the courier to give him the return?

You may not be able to contact the courier directly to pick up your return.