Fiber cable MM BFXTS

Fiber cable MM BFXTS

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Panduit® Opti-Core® Indoor/Outdoor Armored Cable with tight buffered fibers are an integral part of the Panduit end-to-end fiber optic solution, designed to support today’s data needs while meeting tomorrow’s ever-advancing network requirements. This cable provides water blocking technology, high density, and easy installation in transitional aerial and duct applications and entrance facilities, and the 900μm tight-buffered fibers provide easy connectorization. The tight-buffered fibers surrounded by aramid yarn strength members combine usability indoors and out. Interlocking aluminum armor eliminates the need for inner duct or conduit to provide a smaller crush resistant pathway for improved design flexibility and lower installed cost. Cables with greater than 24 fibers feature a sub-unit design that simplifies fiber identification, provides easy access and routing of the fibers. It also increases cable durability with a dielectric central strength member. Opti-Core® Fiber Optic Indoor/Outdoor Riser (OFCR) and Plenum (OFCP) Rated Cable with tight buffered fibers are tested in accordance with Telcordia GR-20, Issue 2, GR-409 and with relevant EIA/TIA-455 series FOTPs for fiber optic cable. All multimode and singlemode cable is available in 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, and 24-fiber counts as a “non-subunitized” design and in 36, 48, 72, and 96-fiber counts (144 for Riser) as a “sub-unitized” design. All Opti-Core® fiber cable is RoHS compliant.